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We are sorry we have not been keeping our blogs up to date and writing regulary for you. We are just too tied up in many other aspects of the business - we will get round to writing some more interesting articles about how you can improve your health and well-being but for now we are concentrating on designing and producing our new stock for Spring and Summer 2015, along with introducing some fabby new health products for your feet....watch this space for what is coming soon!! We hope you will be as excited as we are!

Are Kenkoh Shoes scientifically proven to help your Hangover…

This is very exciting for Kenkoh...fast becoming the best selling Christmas shoe! Here's why...

We all eat and drink too much of all the wrong things during the festive season. This means we tend to feel sluggish, we don't sleep so well and we feel low in energy. Well Kenkoh are here to help. By wearing Kenkoh Health Shoes you will give yourself a reflexology massage which boosts your blood flow, circulation, your metabolism and much more! Read on to see how wearing Kenkoh shoes may help to reduce the hangover symptoms!

Alcohol will be metabolised within 8-12 hours but many people continue to feel low for the next day, feeling nauseaous, stomach pains or headaches, dizziness, sweating, and feeling generally tired and unwell. You do wonder why so many people over indulge in alcohol if this is the after-effects!

Anyway, ethanol is the main culprit - the main ingredient in alcohol that causes us to lose the inhibitions, lose the power of speech or even to walk sometimes! Whether alcohol has produced a bit of childish behaviour, the illusion of fluency in all languages, staggering or incoordination, loss of memory, sickness or full inebriation, ethanol levels are to blame! One bottle of red wine for example contains about 80g of ethanol - which is a lot for anyone’s body to handle, whether you are male or female. Ethanol has a high water and fat solubility so it penetrates every cell and organ in your body and is absorbed in the stomach, duodenum and intestines.

Being drunk is a consequence of the interaction of ethanol with the central nervous system, so the metabolism of the consumed ethanol, i.e. detoxification of the body, is achieved solely by the liver. Constant abuse of the liver can lead to its pathological change, so it is no wonder that such changes are commonly observed with alcoholics, who typically consume massive amounts of ethanol.

When alcohol is metabolised in the body it is first converted into acetaldehyde and then this acetaldehyde is converted into acetic acid which is further broken down into carbon dioxide and water. Acetaldehyde is rather poisonous and can cause vomiting, headache, rapid heartbeat and flushing. Acetaldehyde is not present during hangovers though. By the time a hangover kicks in, the acetaldehyde has already been metabolised by the body and is gone. Some researchers say hangover symptoms are caused by the aftereffects of acetaldehyde on the central nervous system. We don't know for sure though!

There is also a theory that it is not the alcohol per se that gives the hangover, but all the other chemicals and toxins contained in some drinks. And most interesting is that you are more likely to get a bad or worse hangover if you are in a bad mood when drinking than if you are in a good mood! Fascinating and certainly useful to know that Kenkoh is clinically proven to improve mood so by wearing Kenkoh sandals will your hangovers be less severe? Worth a try - Shop Here for Kenkoh! They definitely feel a bit sensitive on the liver reflex the day after a lot of alcohol so be warned while they do their work and detox you!

Kenkoh may also help to relieve the symptoms of hangover by the reflexology massage you receive when wearing the shoes. Reflexology may help relieve the symptoms of your hangover by the following ways:

  1. Reflexology aims to stimulate the production of hormones for example, and as alcohol restricts the production of anti-diuretic hormone, leading to increased urination and dehydration, reflexology may counteract this.
  2. Alcohol affects the lining of the stomach leading to nausea and sickness, and sometimes diarrhoea. Reflexology can massage your stomach and intestines to help bring them back into balance and reduce any inflammation and irritation of the stomach lining.
  3. Alcohol affects the production of glucose in the liver so some people are affected by low blood sugar levels, causing fatigue or dizziness or low mood. Reflexology aims to stimulate the live and pancreas reflexes and associated glands in your body to balance blood sugar levels.
  4. Sleep is usually affected by alcohol, both quality and quantity, causing grumpiness and tiredness. Again, reflexology can work on certain glands, such as your pineal gland to help with your sleep pattern. Reflexology will also promote a sense of well-being and relaxation which often helps people have an undisturbed night’s sleep.
  5. Alcohol also interferes with some hormone production which can cause an array of issues. Reflexology can help support the balance of hormones in the body and prevent any associated problems, such as headaches etc.

Happy Christmas and if you enjoy a few Christmas alcoholic drinks or over-indulge this festive season, hopefully Kenkoh will sort you out!

Can Reflexology help with Fertility?

Reflexology* is one popular and effective therapy for many people as part of the journey for conception. Reflexology is a treatment suitable and indeed recommended for both men and women from the pre-conception stage and for women right through pregnancy and the post-natal phase. Advertising Standards are very strict about what can and can’t be said about complimentary therapies such as Reflexology and as such no forum or therapist can put their hand on their heart and say reflexology works. However, there are many people out there who have benefited hugely from Reflexology treatments and there is a rise in the number of people attending reflexology specifically for fertility issues.

Fertility issues encompass many different things for different people whether it is explained or unexplained, physical or emotional; and everyone responds to reflexology massage differently. Some people are more responsiveness than others and some see benefits instantly where as some people may need 3-6 sessions before they see any difference. Reflexology cannot promise anything and only when you experience it yourself can you understand how it can help you. I don’t know anyone who has not benefited in some way from this therapy, either with a therapist, or by wearing the Kenkoh Reflexology shoes.

With regards to fertility, the emotions of a typical 28 day cycle can be complex and sometimes overwhelming. For couples who have been trying to conceive for a long time, they experience common and regular emotions such as jealousy of other people who announce pregnancy, anger, sadness, frustration. There is also the highs during the menstrual cycle where there is hope and excitement, an optimism during the ovulation phase. When it is time to test there is fear and anxiety and ultimately elation or despair.

Reflexology aims to help people with all these emotions. Reflexology massage treatments sometimes can be about putting a jigsaw together - a typical reflexology treatment will aim to treat the whole body and over time you learn more about how your body works and changes and responds, allowing you to understand more about how to optimise your health. Many people who attend reflexology sessions often end up changing therapies or combining therapies as they learn more about themselves, for example, people turn to counselling or nutrition experts. Reflexology in these cases identifies the next stepping stone required to meet your body’s physical, mental or emotional needs.

Sometimes there are no medical explanations why people can’t conceive and reflexology is a great therapy to turn to for various forms of support.

Reflexology, aside from many other things, aims to promote relaxation, improve mood, relieve tension and anxiety, and improve your general well-being. Reflexology can’t take away the stresses and strains of your life or conception journey but it can help you deal with the stresses and strains more easily. And this can put a couple in a better place when conceiving - either naturally or with fertility treatment.

If you are in any doubt as to how reflexology may help you with fertility or any other condition, I would suggest giving it a try. A typical treatment will last an hour and cost approximately between £30-60 depending on where you go. Please make sure you book an appointment with a reputable Reflexologist though - because unless they are good at what they do they will put you off and probably won’t be effective. You want to make sure they are trained with a trusted school or training provider. The best places to find a reflexologist in your area is to go to the Association of Reflexology (AOR) website or the International Institute of Reflexology (IIR). Reflexology Therapists who have undergone training through either of these organisation will hold the correct certificate of accreditation.

If you don’t have time for treatment or can’t find a reflexologist in your area, then wearing a pair of Kenkoh Reflexology Massage Shoes will give you an idea of how it feels to have the reflexes on your feet massaged. Our new Revs range of Reflexology Massage Shoes are designed to Revitalise Your Sole and have become the best-selling product range in health foot care. The reflexologist will massage your reflexes using her thumbs and fingers in a similar way to the nodules on the soles of the Kenkoh Massage shoes. The shoes can’t replace a Reflexology Massage Therapist, the therapist is there to talk to you and listen to you and if parts of your feet are tender or sensitive, the reflexologist can discuss why this may be the case. The therapist can help put a jigsaw puzzle together using information the feet provide along with your health background and lifestyle. So if you like the feeling of the shoes, then you could always try a treatment!

Conception and fertility can be both an exciting and traumatic journey producing a myriad of emotions so many people feel it is worth getting support through this relaxing and highly recommended complimentary therapy.

You can find out more about Reflexology and how the Kenkoh Reflexology Massage Shoes work here.

* “Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all of the organs, glands and parts of the body. Stimulating these reflexes properly may help many health problems in a natural way, a type of preventative maintenance”.

Interactive Reflexology Foot Chart

I hope you will enjoy using the Interactive Reflexology Foot Chart. You can explore every part of the foot and see how and where it corresponds to different parts of the body. A reflexologist will use her/his fingers and thumbs to apply pressure to these reflex points on the feet, similar to the way the nodules on the Kenkoh Health Shoes apply pressure to the soles of your feet.

The massaging effect aims to stimulate these reflex points, which has a corresponding effect on the organs, glands and muscles which they relate to, promoting blood flow and bringing the body back to its own natural balance.

If you already have a pair of Kenkohs or Revs Health Shoes, have a think about where your feet are sensitive or tender, and look at the Reflexology chart to see if this relates to how you are feeling or your individual health. It is truly fascinating how the feet map the body!