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Revs New Range

We are pleased to announce we are nearly ready to launch our fabulous new range of Reflexology Massage Shoes...we are growing the brand Revs and we should be able to launch our new range very soon...we will keep you posted. In the meantime, please enjoy the ridiculous Sale Price as we clear out the last of our Kenkoh Range of footwear - we are so excited to be bringing you more stylish, more comfortable and even more effective massage shoes!

New Styles, New Colours, New Comfort!

We are really excited to offer you some fabulous new styles and colours this Spring 2017. We are discontinuing some older Kenkoh products and bringing you a cool, comfortable, more stylish look. The focus is still of course on the reflexology massage sole and all the health benefits and cushion comfort this brings. We think you will love the styles and colours....Register here at kenkoh.co.uk and we will notify you when the new stock is here!

Exciting times!

New Revs Lights...in 10 new colours

The New Revs Lights, the flip flops that are taking the world by storm...now come in 10 fabulous new colours for both men and women. Revs let you look good and feel good, these are shoes with benefits. From £35 with Free UK Delivery. Revs Lights

Kenkoh News

We are sorry we have not been keeping our blogs and news feeds up to date and writing regularly for you. We are just too tied up in many other aspects of the business - we will get round to writing some more interesting articles about how you can improve your health and well-being but for now we are concentrating on designing and producing our new stock for Spring and Summer 2015, along with introducing some fabby new health products for your feet....watch this space for what is coming soon!! We hope you will be as excited as we are!

Kenkoh.co.uk Celebrate Valentine's Day - Get Your Free Gift worth £19.99!


Valentine's Day at kenkoh.co.uk

In Japan Valentine’s Day is celebrated quite differently with only the women giving presents to men - mainly they give chocolates - Japanese chocolate companies sell more than half of their annual sales in the week before Valentine’s Day! However it doesn’t necessarily mean the chocolates are to express their love for you! They also give “obligation chocolates” - Giri Choko - this may be for a boss or colleague, or friend. It is the Honmei Choko that represents true love!

Men return their gifts on a day called “White Day” in Japan - on the 14th March.

Valentine's Day at kenkoh.co.ukTo celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, kenkoh.co.uk won’t distinguish between men and women and are giving everyone FREE Detox Foot Patches, worth £19.99 with any purchase of Kenkoh Japanese Massage Health Shoes - whether they are for your loved one, a colleague or friend - Buy Kenkohs any time between the 5th and 12th February 2015 - and enjoy our free gift! Just add them to your basket and type be my valentine at the checkout as your discount code.

Kenkohs are a unique Valentine’s Gift - You can buy our Kenkohs for Men here and Kenkohs for Women here.