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The benefits of Reflexology Massage Footwear

The benefits are proven from various sources:

The science of reflexology

The nodules on the soles of the Kenkoh and Revs Reflexology Shoes stimulate the reflexes, similar to the fingers and thumbs used by a reflexologist. Reflexology aims to improve nerve and blood supply, promote the unblocking of nerve impulses, relieve stress and tension and bring your body back to its natural balance. Read more …


The Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine research study

The findings from the Kyoto study show that Reflexology Sandals improve circulation, reduce swelling of the lower limbs and ankles, reduced fatigue and improve mood! Read more …


Customer feedback and product reviews

There are a host of confirmed health benefits from wearing Kenkoh and Revs Reflexology Massage footwear. Whether you suffer from a specific health condition or simply want to wear them as a preventative measure, or just for comfort and relaxation, our health shoes can help everyone! Read more …