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Ryan Morgan on September 1 2017 at 09:28
One word 'awesome' I wear them all the time at home and over the years I have felt the quality and benefits, been waiting a few months to order a new pair
Mrs Brisbane on July 30 2017 at 18:34
This is the third pair of sandals I have bought. cant wear any other shoes . have also bought the gel insoles recently and after wearing them for just a few days feel a great benefit in the ache of my feet after walking the dog.
Kenkoh Customer Care on January 6 2017 at 09:36
Hi Tracy, thanks for your message below, I can't see your name in our database so perhaps you purchased these elsewhere. However, let me help...I have heard some styles can squeak perhaps if they get water inside them, so it would be a case of trying to dry them out. Hope that helps!
Tracy on January 5 2017 at 22:19
I love my kenkoh sandals & have worn them frequently until... they recently started squeaking. I work in a casual but quiet office & they have irritated everyone to the point that I am mocked for being annoying. I switched to wearing my aetrex to avoid annoying anyone. They are 1.5 years old so I know I can't replace them for free. What I'm trying to find out if there is anything that I can do to them to quiet them back up. Please help!
Jacqui on December 17 2016 at 17:33
Have used kenkoh sandals and now Revs, and they are amazing, so so comfortable, I hate taking them off! I have neuropathy pain and reduced feeling in my feet after chemo and these are the only things that make my feet feel normal. I use the insoles in my normal shoes in winter and for work. Can hugely recommend 😊
Camelia on April 23 2016 at 10:27
I am so happy about these shoes. Perfect massagge while walking, on the whole foot. The little rubber dots are diffrent sizes so it covers the foot perfectly and gives a great senzation of well being. Because the dots are soft they just adjust to the foot , so they are comfortable with bare foot. The soles instead I like them with socks on, gentle massagge which is great to wear them all day. I bought the bundle with sandals, soles , detox patches and socks. Initialy I had a second thought If I didn't spend to much, but I can tell you, as soon as I put them on my feet I said to my self : This is very well spent money. Very good quality and personally I fiind them good looking. Kenhoh it will be definitely my first option into making a present to someone.
Kenkoh Customer Service on March 29 2016 at 13:16
I am sorry our customer below, Jennifer Edwards, is disappointed no replacement was given for her shoes but they are over two years old so it is just not possible to claim after such a long time.
Jennifer Edwards on March 16 2016 at 09:48
I have purchased several pairs of Kenkoh sandals, flip flops, clogs and inserts which I have loved. My flip flops broke between the toes on one shoe and I contacted Kenkoh to find that there had been a fault with a batch of flips flops causing the break. They told me they would replace them until they looked at my purchasing record to find that the flip flops had been purchased (but not worn until this season) outside of the warranty period. I am extremely disappointed as the shoes are a long way from being worn out but unwearable because of the break between the toes. I am currently looking for a substitute pair that I can afford.
Cathy Manson on June 15 2015 at 22:30
Great product, great service! I live in Canada, purchased the funky flip flop in Dubai, and five months later, damaged the left flip flop beyond repair. When I contacted the UK office, all I had to do was submit a photo of the damaged sandal. It was immediately replaced, no questions asked. I wear the sandals after a long walk or a game of golf, and my feet thank me for the massage. I would certainly recommend the sandal for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis. My foot pain has all but disappeared since I started wearing the Kenkohs.
Kenkoh Customer Service on May 15 2015 at 17:09
Dear Ms Prasad I am sorry to hear you have been unfortunate with your shoes - we have experienced a common fault with the T-Bar flip flops and have tried to take those shoes affected out of stock. We have resolved the problem and can assure you Quality Control is one of our priorities so I hope you can continue to purchase from us with confidence. Many thanks for your feedback.