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Choose from the Kenkoh range of flip flops or sandals. We have the New Light Kenkoh Flip Flops this season too - in fabulous summer colours of Pink or White Marble!

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Seva - Revs Twin Strap Reflexology SandalsSeva - Revs Twin Strap Reflexology SandalsOur price: £69.99ViewAvailable from 1 September 2017Available in:Revs Trek SandalsRevs Trek SandalsOur price: £69.99ViewAvailable from 1 September 2017Available in:Revs Classics - The Reflexology Massage SandalRevs Classics - The Reflexology Massage SandalOur price: £69.99ViewAvailable to Order on 1 September 2017!Available in:
Revs Retro Chics, The All New Revs Massage Sandals for LadiesRevs Retro Chics, The All New Revs Massage Sandals for LadiesOur price: £69.99ViewAvailable from 1 September 2017!Available in:Genki - The Classic Kenkoh Flip FlopGenki - The Classic Kenkoh Flip FlopOur price: £59.99Sale price: £39.99You save: £20.00 (33%)ViewGenki (meaning energise!) is the classic Kenkoh Japanese Health Flip Flop. Ideal for smart or casual wear for both men and women. Choose from classic black or earthy brown.Available in:Revs - Flip Flops, Cute & Cheerful Colour RangeRevs - Flip Flops, Cute & Cheerful Colour RangeOur price: £39.99Sale price: £29.99ViewCute and Cheerful - ruby red and pink passion Revs! For jeans or beachwear, you can wear these cheeky colours any time. With the comfortable massage sole that is clinically proven to boost your circulation and energy levels, and improve your overall health and well-being, these fabulous new flip flops will have you feeling and looking great. Available in:
Revs Gel InsolesRevs Gel InsolesOur price: £19.99Sale price: £4.99ViewThe Revs Liquid Gel Insoles for an all day foot massage. These gel insoles take the weight of your feet! The absorb shock and prevent your feet and lower legs from feeling tired, especially if you are in your feet all day.Revs Reflexology Massage Insoles - International Best-SellersRevs Reflexology Massage Insoles - International Best-SellersRRP: £39.99Our price: £29.99Sale price: £24.99You save: £15.00 (38%)ViewThe perfect reflexology massage insoles, mapped to the feet to produce the most effective health results. As with Revs Shoes, the insoles are designed using the science of Reflexology, in that here are reflex points on our feet which correspond to all of our organs, glands and parts of the body. Stimulating these reflexes in our every day life can boost our health and wellbeing. The daily massage Revs provides can improve nerve and blood supply, and boost circulation and energy levels. Detoxing and removing the areas of congestion in our feet through reflexology massage can also help to prevent or alleviate many health problems.Available in:
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