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Revs - Reflexology and Acupressure MatRevs - Reflexology and Acupressure MatOur price: £29.99Sale price: £14.99ViewOur Reflexology and Acupuncture Mat stimulates the reflexes and nerve points on your feet which will promote blood flow, boost your metabolism and circulation, helping to unlock any imbalances in your body. The reflex points target your organs, glands and muscles in your body, decongesting any blockages and helping your body return to its natural balance. Using the mat regularly will help to energise you and promote relaxation. It is ideal for use at home or at work, we use it under our desks and it helps to revive us and keep our concentration flowing all day! 5-15 minutes massage with our mat is as good as an hour’s exercise!Available in:Revs - Gel Feet HeatersRevs - Gel Feet HeatersOur price: £29.99Sale price: £9.99ViewA fabulous new product for Revs, heat your feet in seconds - just click and wear.Available in:Detox Foot PatchesDetox Foot PatchesOur price: £19.99Sale price: £5.99ViewDetox Foot Patches are a simple, safe and effective way to reduce the toxins from your body. Easy to use, just stick them to the soles of your feet at night. When you wake up in the morning, remove them and you will see how much toxic waste your body has expelled while you were sleeping. They are made of natural ingredients and safe for everyone to use.They are the perfect companion if you feel you have over-indulged at the weekend, or feel a bit sluggish. The Detox patches are an easy way to improve your health!
Genki - The Classic Kenkoh Flip FlopGenki - The Classic Kenkoh Flip FlopOur price: £59.99Sale price: £39.99You save: £20.00 (33%)ViewGenki (meaning energise!) is the classic Kenkoh Japanese Health Flip Flop. Ideal for smart or casual wear for both men and women. Choose from classic black or earthy brown.Available in:Revs Gel InsolesRevs Gel InsolesOur price: £19.99Sale price: £4.99ViewThe Revs Liquid Gel Insoles for an all day foot massage. These gel insoles take the weight of your feet! The absorb shock and prevent your feet and lower legs from feeling tired, especially if you are in your feet all day.
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