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Revs Gel Insoles

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The Revs Liquid Gel Insoles for an all day foot massage. These gel insoles take the weight of your feet! The absorb shock and prevent your feet and lower legs from feeling tired, especially if you are in your feet all day.

Massage your feet with every step you take. Experience the ultimate in foot comfort and support when using the gel insoles. These are unique insoles, with carefully designed channels which perform three key functions:

1) they provide great cushioning for feet

2) they provide a greater level of support across the soles of the feet as the liquid gel adjusts to your individual sole contours

3) they massage the soles of your feet with just the slightest of movement

Manufactured from soft-feet, ultra-durable thermal polyurethane and filled to a precise level with a completely non-toxic liquid gel.

Each pair is tested using a 600kg pneumatic press to ensure perfect leak-proof quality. You can wear these insoles hot or cold for the ultimate in seasonal comfort. Heat in hot water or chill them in the fridge before use. Wear them in work shoes, high heels, sports shoes, wells, walking boots, ski boots or whatever your choice of footwear is!

Please note the colours vary so when you place your order, the colours are chosen at random - so whether you order insoles for ladies or for men, the colour you receive will be either yellow, red, green or blue.

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Disappointed ...***Posted by Steven M on July 12 2016 at 10:05Disappointed having visited the website shortly after making the purchase and seeing the product further reduced. At the current price I would have also purchased the massage insoles. I hope the prices aren't so schyzophrenic next time I decide to make a purchase!
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